Facebook makes Facebook Page Location, Name change history etc. PUBLIC

Facebook is showing more information about Pages and; the country form where they're managed in the Info and Ads section on Pages.

This is to increase the accountability and transparency of the pages.

The information below will be compulsorily shared by Facebook on Info and Ads section on the bottom left of the page:
  • Place of origin of the page will be the country name (if the page admin chooses to share more details then they will also be shared)
  • Date the Page was created. 
  • Primary country locations where the Page is managed. This applies to all Page roles -- Admin, Editor Moderator, Advisor, Analyst. 
  • Number of people who manage the Page in each country. 
  • Page's previous name changes. 
  • Any Page merges that happen on or after September 6, 2018.
  • For the Users who manage the page but are not the owners of it or are not admins; their country will be shown. 
See the Screen-capture below:

What if someone puts a wrong country in his Facebook profile? 

Primary country locations where Pages are managed are determined by a person’s information and activity on Facebook Products, including the stated location on their Facebook profile, and device and connection information. Facebook will use Location Services to help trace the country location.

It is still uncertain whether Facebook will show the names of the Page admin and other roles. From the information it is clear that it will NOT.

What if someone doesn't want to disclose the name of the country?

Then the request for the same can be submitted to Facebook.

If approved, in the information will be shown "Information Hidden by Page manager"

Effect of sharing Facebook page's country location (managers and admins), name change progression and date of formation on accountability and transparency of the pages 

From the snapshot above, the above information seems good if not adequate.

The name change progression history of a page can show new followers the basic philosophy and motivations behind the page. There is a history of Facebook page name changes of propaganda and hate speech pages.

The location of the Page managers and Admins will show the extent of possible indoctrination and manipulation, especially for political pages, blog fans pages etc.

The use of Ad spend location to trace the country location will help as the Fake news, propaganda and hate pages are also seen as those having high ad spends.


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