Apple iPad gets more heated than Samsung tablets

Does Apple iPad gets more heated than Samsung tablets?

May be the Answer is a Yes.

But is Apple iPad's getting more heated good or bad is a point which needs to be answered carefully.

First of all, Apple iPad is NOT meant for multi-tasking. Apple iPad's hardware is still less powerful compared to the hardware in other tablets. But Apple iPad's hardware and software integration is such that whatever tasks the company claims it to perform seamlessly (without any lag or screen freeze) are performed by it flawlessly. As said Apple iPad is not meant for muti-tasking so It means that opening too many web pages open may result in the device getting heated up.

Secondly, feeling temperature rise on Apple iPad's surface may not be bad. It is also possible that the metallic surface on Apple iPad is intentionally chosen to act as a heat sink (lose excess heat to the surrounding) preventing the tablet getting too much heated.

Tips to prevent Apple iPad from getting too hot:

1. Adjust Brightness to Lower levels.

2. Use Dark theme.

3. Do not open too many web pages.

4. Close Those Apps which are not being used.

5. Keeping the Apple battery between 40-80 Percent.


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