Apple iPd Pro 2021 | Productivity Device or Consumption device?

When Apple iPad was first launched on April 03 2010, it was instantly embraced as a content consumption device. Ever since, the most preferred tablet in the World, has primarily remained a consumption device. But with the launch of the latest iPad -- Apple iPd Pro 2021 -- people have started seeing Apple iPad as a productivity device. With a hefty price tag of more than a Lakh Rupees, some additional motivations wrt to productivity, is not misplaced.


The merits in the extended usability claims can be best answered by an average iPad user. If one makes a purchase decision by listening to a Pro Youtuber or any successful marketer, then he/she may regret the decision later. Because I think an average iPad Pro 2021 buyer will be using the tablet as a consumption device. As far as I'm concerned, I'm still using iPad 3, with iOS 9.3.5 installed. The tablet still works like new and I consume 99 percent of the content on it. Although, I'm not able to install many new Apps  (including the productivity ones), I still find iPad pretty useful. To the extent that I will have to go for a replacement iPad (a new iPad) the moment the current one stops working.

Does that mean I will be banking on the productivity prowess of the new iPad Pro 2021?

The answer is NO. 

For now, my purchase decision will be based on the seamless functioning of the iPad and; it being the best consumption device. As far as iPad Pro 2021 's productivity device claims are concerned, then the presence of a limited touch keyboard means a big input option limitation. That apart purchasing an extra physical keyboard will not work most people due to the mental fatigue induced by constant switch between touch screen and physical keyboard. Still, that doesn't mean Apple iPad Pro 2021 cannot be a productivity device for an average person. He/she may not use it as productively as a pro Youtuber or ace marketer, still there will be a significant jump in productivity. As consumption when don the right way itself boosts productivity. 


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