Has Apple launched physical keypad phone?

Is Apple's Physical keypad phone known as iDot?

The answer is NO.

No Apple smartphone or basic phone has a physical keypad.

So what is iDot?

iDot is a concept phone (Not manufactured till now) imagined by people at CURVED/labs. It's like: What will Apple make if it decides to launch a basic phone?

Inspired from the Punkt MP-01, a Swiss basic phone which which has only calling and texting capabilities, yet having a price tag of around $350, the CURVED/labs guys imagined a dumbphone designed by Apple in their new concept ‘iDot’.

Had iDot been launched it would be as steeply priced as Punkt MP-01 (or much more). In addition, as it happens with all Apple devices, the Apple iDot phone would have very limited capabilities (Apple products are not feature rich, they do tasks which they are marketed for, with expertise).

So the CURVED/labs people imagined iDot mimicking Apple remote wrt form factor. That apart, they imagined it having just a big Siri Button, so that there's no need for a physical keyboard.

So, Apple iDot is just a concept, that too imagined by non-Apple guys. At present, no Apple smartphone has a physical keypad

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