Is it possible that someone is trying to hack into your online account?

People are often seen asking, It seems someone is trying to hack into my account what should I do. 

Is it easy for someone to hack your Facebook account? 

Those who think that hacking Facebook account or any other online account is easy, must remember that online accounts are safe (security cannot be breached) because of two reasons: 

1) Online giants such as Facebook, Twitter etc. are capable enough to make their platforms secure, and;

2) Hackers usually don't target ordinary Online users or Social network users.

So reputed online platforms are secure or very difficult to hack. So hackers will not put themselves in danger hacking into any ordinary individual's account. Since significant resources in terms of time, energy and money are involved in any hacking effort; hence hackers will not waste their valuable skills and other resources on penny pursuits. Hackers are intelligent individuals (entities).

So why do people sometime get an impression that their Facebook account is being hacked or some suspicious activity is going on there?

It can be because of multiple reasons. But the most likely reason is the automated or server generated messages sent by Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. send to the person whenever he/she mistypes his/her password or; whenever he/she uses another device to sign in. These are just routine alerts just to alert the user to change the password if the person thinks someone else has logged in to their account from some other device. 

Hence, don't unnecessarily get worried of the fear of some online breach. Unless you're a public figure with influential clout or are quite rich, hackers will not bother to hack into your account. You may be just getting routine safety alerts from your Social network.  


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