Spy on non-smartphones in India

People usually ask,

"Can i spy on non smart phones in India?"


"Can i spy on smartphones in India?"

Spying as an activity is NOT good. Especially when a person wants to spy on his or her spouse, teenager or someone close. The reason is simple: The desire to spy on someone arises from one's own jealousy, anger, over-dominating or over-protective behavior. At times, the act of spying may look innocent and good intentioned, still spying on someone is NOT a good act. Spying on someone has no ends and does more mental & emotional harm to the spy than the one who's being spied on. For this reason, Confident and Sensible people never think about spying on others.

That said, Can someone spy on a non-smartphone in India?

The answer is Yes and No.

If a Government wants to spy on any person then it can do so. Same applies to resource rich entities such as companies, etc. So here the answer is Yes. 

But if an ordinary person wants to spy on someone then there is a limit to the kind of data he/she can fetch legally. For example, he/she can contact the service provider (provided he owns the mobile number)  and get the call details such as numbers called and duration of call etc. Beyond that he/she will need to include police to spy one someone else. So the options are limited here.

But this doesn't mean spying on someone's smartphone is possible. Legally it cannot be done. Ethically, it must not be done. If one still feels a necessity to spy on someone else's smartphone (as he thinks some illegal activity going on) then he/she must ask the police to do so.

To conclude, the question is NOT whether one can spy on someone else's smartphone or ordinary phone, the question is: Is it advisable to spy on someone else's smartphone or ordinary phone?

The answer to the latter question is simple. In ordinary circumstances, it is better to directly communicate with the person, than to spy on him/her. In exceptional circumstances, one must take the matter to the police.



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