Wonderchef Glory String Vegetable Chopper | 6 Blade String Vegetable Chopper

Kitchen Product Review | Wonderchef Glory String Vegetable Chopper with 6 Sharp Stainless Steel Blades. Silicon Base Ring prevents the chopper from slipping while chopping. The 900 ml Wonderchef String vegetable chopper comes with an air tight Lid and a 1 Year Warranty.

The product which we used this week is the Wonderchef string vegetable chopper. Coming from the Sanjeev Kapoor (renowned chef) company, Wonderchef Glory String Vegetable Chopper is built using good quality unbreakable plastic. That's there's no plastic smell. The string chopper has good quality stainless steel blades which are sharp enough to finely chop onions, tomatoes, ginger etc. 

The 6 blade vegetable chopper is easy to assemble, use and clean (a mere rinse with with water cleans it). The Wonderchef chopper is comfortable to use and the properly designed silicon base ring gives it enough grip on the work surface. 

One question which is often asked with respect to string vegetable choppers is: Is it possible to change the elastic string if the original string breaks after repeated use?

The answer to this question is YES. The String is attached to the rotor assembly which is housed inside the Wongerchef String vegetable chopper lid which has 4 screws. These screws can be unscrewed to change the string whenever the need be.

The Wonderchef string vegetable chopper has 900 ml capacity which is sufficient for a 10-12 people family. For small families the 600ml Wonderchef String vegetable chopper is sufficient. 

The string vegetable chopper comes with a 1 year warranty. We feel that the product will long outlive the Warranty.  

Verdict: The Wonderchef Glory String Vegetable Chopper with 6 SS blades is a value for money product. We Highly recommend Wonderchef Glory String Vegetable Chopper to you.

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