How To Make Window Terminal Default On Windows 11

How to Make Windows Terminal Default Terminal App in Windows 11

If you use the Window Terminal on Windows, the terminal is not the system default and it can be difficult to remember to open your terminal every time. This article discusses how to make Window Terminal the default application for opening a terminal on Windows 11.

What is a terminal?

A terminal window is a text-based interface that allows you to enter commands and perform tasks on your computer. The terminal window is often referred to as the “command line” or the “command prompt.”

How to make Window Terminal default on Windows 11

If you are using Windows 11, you may have noticed the new Window Terminal app. This app is a great way to manage your different command line windows in one place.

However, if you are not using this app by default, you may be missing out on some of its features.

To make Window Terminal your default terminal emulator on Windows 11, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings application.
2. Go to the Personalization section.
3. Select the Taskbar tab.

4. Under the “Terminal” drop-down menu, select “Window Terminal”.
5. Click the “OK” button to save your changes.

Now, when you open a new command line window, it will be opened in Window Terminal by default.


If you want to make Window Terminal your default terminal on Windows, there are a few different ways to do it. You can either use the Registry Editor or the Set Defaults by App method. Both methods are pretty simple and only take a few minutes to do. So if you’ve been wanting to make Window Terminal your default terminal, now you know how!

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